Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He Called Us and We Said Yes

Jun and I's journey in the ride called Couples for Christ started in January 1998 when a co-parent, Lina Eguico, from my children's pre-school invited us to an Orientation for the Christian Life Program (CLP) of Couples for Christ (CFC) on the coming Saturday.  Since Jun was on a business trip to Naga City and was due to arrive that same Saturday, I had a ready excuse not to attend without hurting her feelings.  But the Lord has His ways.  Jun arrived on Friday morning as his meetings in Naga finished earlier than schedule.  When I told him of Lina's invitation, I was surprised he said Yes.

Saturday arrived and Lina came exactly on the appointed time to fetch us (to make sure that we will attend the Orientation).  We passed by the house of another couple nearby, Artz and Tess Bermejo.  Another recruit.  We drove to the Barangay Hall beside the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Proj. 6, Quezon City.  I was disappointed to see the venue.  I was expecting an air-conditioned function room.  What I saw was a small rickety hall with electric fans.  Yes, no aircons. 

 The recruits, Jun and I and Artz and Tess, were immediately introduced to everyone in the service team.  I smiled without remembering the face that goes with the name except for one.  I couldn't forget Tessa Flojo.  She and her husband, Noel, were the assistant team heads for the CLP.  Of all the members of the service team, hers was the smile that said "Welcome to my house."  I felt comfortable.

Does it ever occur to you that God paves the way for us to get nearer to Him?  In our case, He sent us angels in the guise of Jun and Lina Eguico and Tessa Flojo to be able  to help us endure the arduous task that is the CLP.  What about you?  What was your Orientation Night like?

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