Monday, November 1, 2010

My First Household Meeting

After finishing the Christian Life Program (CLP), the participants of the CLP are invited to join Couples for Christ (CFC).  They are put into a cell group of between five to seven couples called a household.  The household meets weekly in the houses of the members on a rotation basis.  At the household meeting, the members pray, share experiences on the night's or day's relevant topic and have fellowship after.  It usually takes two and a half hours.  The household is headed by the Household Head.

Our first household meeting was held a week or two after the CLP at the house of our household leaders, Jun and Rose Ricamonte.  Ours was a small household as there were only four couples in our group and that includes our household leaders.  The first meeting was spent mostly on "getting to know you".  Bro. Jun and Sis. Rose were complete strangers to us as they were not our facilitators in the CLP.  The meeting went on smoothly except for one thing, there was no guitar accompaniment.  Our worship sounded empty.  Nobody in the group could play a guitar except for my husband, Jun.  At that time, Jun hasn't played the guitar for fifteen years and had actually given away his guitar.  After that acapella worship, Jun toyed on the idea of relearning how to play the guitar but wait, where's the guitar?

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