Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Called To Serve

A year after graduating from the CLP, the leaders of the chapter where Jun & I belong to then, tapped us to be one of the facilitators of the CLP that they were about to open.  We both feel elated for the privilege and likewise concerned about a lot of things.  First and foremost is we didn't know anything about facilitating. Though Jun had exposure in speaking to big crowds and presiding meetings, I had no such experience.  My only claim to participation in a discussion was barking orders to the maids and to the sewers of our garments factory.  My lack of interaction with people of the same background as mine left me insecure in carrying out a sensible exchange of ideas with strangers.  I couldn't stop from asking myself if I did the right thing in giving up a very promising corporate career in favor of motherhood. 

Twenty couples came for the Orientation Night.  After the first talk, the participants were grouped into 5.  We got the first group.  This group was unique as it was composed of professionals except for 1 couple.  The big challenge was how to make this couple jell with the others who are all professionals.  Group discussion came and I led the opening prayer rather mechanically.  The important thing for me then was to be able to lead the prayer without making mistakes.  I prayed with my brain not with my heart.

As we moved from one module to the other, our group became closer and the group discussions became more animated.  Alas, we just had found ourselves a "barkada".  Meeting for the group presentation for the Dedication Night did not pose any problems in scheduling as everyone was eager to be with one another.  Everybody contributed to be able to come out with a very good presentation.

Come Dedication Night, we were appointed to be the household leaders of Group 1.  It was a very memorable night for all of us.  Years later, we took different paths.  Only one couple remained active in the community while the others opted to lie low for one reason or the other.  Jun and I surely miss them.

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