Tuesday, October 26, 2010


On the day of the face to face session of Module 1 of Ateneo's Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program under Ms. Janette Toral, I learned that the main output of the first module is to come up with a blog within two weeks. It doesn't mean that I have to submit a url of the blog.  It literally means a blog with at least ten posts by Oct. 29.  I said to myself, this is tough what with two other active blogs.  What to do?  The easiest way out for me is to pick one of the existing blogs as my project.  All I have to do is to add the ten posts.

But no.  I decided to make a new blog this time chronicling my journey as a member of Couples for Christ.  I drew inspiration from the comment of Bro. Alex Domingo at the household meeting we had a few days after the face to face session.  He said that Couples for Christ (CFC) should have a website or blog that would answer the concerns of members regarding its teachings.  I deviated from what Bro. Alex cited as I feel I am unworthy of writing about the teachings of CFC. By the way, below is the picture taken by Bro. Junel Ama, our household head, of the household grouping that Jun, my husband and I belong to:

    To my readers who are my brothers and sisters in CFC, I hope I can inspire you to find happiness and contentment in serving the Lord.  For non-CFC readers, I truly pray that you will picture yourself among us by joining us in Couples for Christ.  Welcome to all!!!

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    1. A life on a mission isn’t a life without sacrifice but a life worth living for . . .