Monday, November 1, 2010

Our First Marriage Enrichment Retreat

All members of Couples for Christ follow a pastoral formation track.  Six months after graduating from the Christian Life Program, the couple is expected to attend the first Marriage Enrichment Retreat or MER1.  The MER1 aims to present the important aspects of Christian marriage and family life which is the foundation of marriage and CFC.  It also fosters a better understanding and appreciation of God's plan for marriage and family life.

Jun and I had our MER1 in November 1998 at Sta. Rafaella Retreat House along Tandang Sora, Quezon City.  We were at the venue early Saturday morning up to noon of the following day.  There were talks given out by different speakers.  Some were boring while the others gave animated versions.  The talks that struck me most are Talks 4 and 5, namely "The Role of the Christian Wife" and "Effective Communication in Marriage", respectively. 

It is very difficult to live out the ideal Christian wife, i.e., being submissive to her husband in this age of equal rights, equal opportunities and feminism.  How can this be possible in this day and age when it is enshrined in the Constitution that everybody is equal?  When Grade 5 students are taught human rights and rights of the child?  Indeed the modern couple needs a deeper maturity and understanding of marriage and relationship to make marriage work.  Effective communication in marriage not only becomes necessary but should be the norm. 

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