Saturday, March 29, 2014

West C Celebrates Beloved Weekend


ast Friday, February 28, all roads led to Baguio City as far as leaders and members of Couples for Christ West C Sector is concerned.  A good number brought along their cars and vans while others took the ever reliable Victory Liner buses and others rode the buses chartered for the occasion. For those who brought their cars like us, the luggage compartment was packed to the rafters with cooked and uncooked food, cooler with all kinds of drinks, shoes, clothes, pillows for those who cannot sleep without the familiar cushion under their head, junk food for munching while listening to the speakers.

West C really knew how to have fun.  Everyone had a fantastic time last Friday during the Fellowship Night.  Just like Facebook, the theme for this special night is Flashback Friday.  All six clusters had prepared presentations representing the era assigned to them, from the Rolling 60s to the present decade, 2010s.  It was an opportunity for the different clusters to be adjudged the best through the usual contest criteria and audience vote.  For the “Best Ka-look-alike”, audience vote made it for the winner who came from the cluster with the most number of delegates.  The moral of the story is to be in Baguio for the first activity to lend support to one's cluster.  For the cluster presentations, it did not result to a popularity contest though as there was a panel of judges composed of leaders from different sectors.  The announcement of the winners was made at the close of the conference two days after. 

The following two days commenced with the recitation of the Holy Rosary.  A Holy Mass and worship were held before Bro. Mandy Constantino, one of the members of West C’s SGT, gave the Prologue of the Beloved Weekend.  Bro. Joel Dayao, Provincial Area Head of Capiz, tackled talk 1 entitled Ponder, The Family of Love. Two more talks were given in the afternoon by Bro. James Solano, a member of the International Council and Bro. Rommel Ancheta of Ablaze Communications.  As always there were sharings by our brothers and sisters to highlight and underscore the message of the talks.  The Saturday program was ended with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a way of honouring the Holy Eucharist by exposing it in proper solemnity so the faithful will pay homage and devotion to it.  Though tired and hungry from a day long activity, everyone went home to their respective dwellings spiritually fulfilled.

Still sleepy from the fellowship that happened in the various cottages and dwellings the night before, everyone trooped to the Teachers' Camp for the culmination of the conference and the Holy Mass. The fourth and last talk was given by Bro. Manny Garcia, another member of the International Council with a heart rending sharing from his wife Sis. Ditas.  

Just like previous conferences, the Beloved Weekend ended with a rousing praise fest led by our very own sector head, Bro. Steve Maningat and the announcement of the clusters which best presented the era assigned to them.  Though not everybody could be proclaimed winners, the important part is everyone had fun practicing for the presentations.

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