Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Legacy Run

On November 28, while most of Metro Manila was still asleep, participants to the West C Legacy Run gathered at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.  The organizers of the event reported that the Legacy Run was a huge success.  The number of participants breached the target of 500 and all the t-shirts up for sale were sold out.  After the run, everyone settled for some games, ice cream novelties courtesy of Selecta and a mega-almusal for those who brought food.  For some who did not bring food like me, we ate our breakfast of chicken adobo flakes, fried rice and hot native chocolate at the nearby Chicken Bacolod.  Here are some of the photos taken to commemorate the first ever fun run of the CFC West C Sector.

Quezon Memorial Circle at the crack of dawn.
Participants getting ready to run.
At the water station.
Hula Hoop
Breakfast at Chicken Bacolod.

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