Friday, December 31, 2010

My Household Christmas Party

If families hold reunion during Noche Buena, company employees and members of any organization, be it civic or religious, look forward to a Christmas party.  Christmas parties bring out the best in everyone.  The sisters bring their signature specialty viands, others showcase their talent in hosting the program while some are very able gamemasters.  Our household  under Bro. Junel and Sis. Cecille Ama held our Christmas party at the attic of the residence of the Amas.  Each couple brought food that was assigned to them in an earlier household meeting. 
Star of the Christmas table

Everybody busy getting food
Aside from food, we also brought gifts for the exchange gift and white elephant.  I got Cecille's gift while Nympha Padolina got mine.  For the white elephant, I brought a microwave, a remnant of my food cart business.  Nympha got the microwave but sadly I didn't get any gift from this game.  

No party is complete without the karaoke.  Everyone had his turn in belting out his favorite song.  For karaoke regulars, one song is not enough though.  They could sing (or shout at times) a whole repertoire.

Rainier and Rodel belting their hearts out.
Before heading off home,  we had our group pictures taken.  These would be the official "family pictures" of our household .... well until the next reorganization.  Lol.


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