Saturday, February 12, 2011

Connecting with Bloggers

When I was still studying Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program from the Ateneo, one of the requirements that I have to submit was to promote an event using the blog platform.  My classmates and I were given two weeks to run the campaign.  For the campaign to be successful, we have to network with other bloggers in the same category as you are in.  If you blog about music, then you have to solicit the help of the bloggers who also write about music.  I chose to promote the Legacy Run of the Couples for Christ West C as it was scheduled within the time frame that our Subject Matter Expert (SME) Janette Toral set.

For the Legacy Run promotion, I first contacted the event organizer, Bro. Ronnel de Ocampo.  After getting all the details from him, I wrote a blog post of the event and started promoting it using my Facebook and Twitter networks.  For my campaign to be successful, I started looking for bloggers who are members of the Couples for Christ community as the target market of the Legacy Run is very niche.  The run was not only a fun run but also a family day of the West C Sector.

Networking with CFC bloggers is not difficult.  There are no X-deals to be talked about nor monetary compensation.  The bloggers will do the post for the sake of brotherhood/sisterhood love and camaraderie.  To Sis. Cecille Ama and Sis. Sky Ortigas, thank you so much for the support.  I know you did it for the love of God and Couples for Christ.  Cheers and good luck to Couples for Christ.

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