Friday, March 11, 2011

No Place Like Baguio City

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Jun and I among the blooms.
Last Friday, all roads led to Baguio City as far as leaders of Couples for Christ West C Sector is concerned.  A good number brought along their cars and vans while others took the ever reliable Victory Liner buses.  For those who brought their cars, the luggage compartment was packed to the rafters with cooked and uncooked food, cooler with all kinds of drinks, shoes, clothes, pillows for those who cannot sleep without the familiar cushion under their head, junk food for munching while listening to the speakers or for fighting the urge to sleep.  My colleague in the household, Sis. Meng Figueras, brought along her electric airpot which was used not only for boiling water for coffee but for a warm and soothing bath.  Talk about ingenuity and travelling light.

The blooms of Baguio.
The City of Baguio will always be special to any leader of Couples for Christ.  It is where the annual leaders' weekend conference is held.  Ever since my husband and I became leaders in 1999, the Teachers' Camp in Baguio City was the usual venue.  There were times that the conference was held elsewhere but the number of attendees was less than the Baguio-based conferences.  Though Baguio conferences come out costlier than those held elsewhere, the cool temperature and the bonding time spent with fellow CFC members more than make up for the additional money to be shelled out.

A typical cottage at Teachers' Camp.  Has the basic amenities of home at very affordable prices.
Baguio City, tagged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is located in Benguet Province in the northern  part of the Philippines.  Besides its cool weather that make it a city of blooms, Baguio City is a favorite destination for vacation seekers because of the numerous tourist spots like the Philippine Military Academy, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay and the Mansion.  It also boasts of affordable accommodations like this cottage at Teachers' Camp.  It can be reached by land and air but travel by land at approximately five hours is preferred by many using any one of the three accessible roads, Kennon Road, Marcos Highway and Naguilian Highway.  Kennon Road remains the popular choice of travellers but could be risky in times of bad weather because of landslides and erosion.

Map of Baguio City

Despite its limitations like the lack of water, rising pollution, and traffic, Baguio City remains the favorite destination for our annual weekend conference.  While in Baguio, everyone  shares a room or cottage and food with a colleague, a dear friend.  The endless stories and laughter make one forget loved ones back in Manila. It is this closeness, camaraderie and selflessness that make Baguio City so special.  Truly Baguio City is etched in the hearts of every member of Couples for Christ.

Breaking bread with other household members.  Thanks Bro. Junel for the photo grab.  Sa uulitin. Lol.

At the garden of the El Cielito Inn, our home for this 2011 conference.

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