Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Sway Me, Sway Me Now"

I couldn't help myself from making a blog post when I saw the video of Pussycat Dolls' Sway in the news feed of my Facebook account.  I even posted in my Facebook wall that this dance tune only conjures happy memories.  Since I can only write so much characters in my wall, I decided to make a post.

According to Wikipedia, Sway is the English version of a mambo song "Quien Sera" by Pablo Beltran Ruiz.  The English lyrics were written by Norman Gimbel and the first English version was recorded and popularized by Dean Martin in 1954.  Other versions followed but the latest one is that of Pussycat Dolls'.  It was used as one of the soundtracks of the movie "Shall We Dance?".

On the occasion of the silver wedding anniversary of our Chapter Leaders, Bro. Joe and Sis. Letty Francia, the members of their household group decided to surprise them with a dance number.  Together with Deng & Reiah Yango, Rainier & Meng Figueras, Vic & Joy Nolasco, Glen & Ely Acosta, Arnel & Bel Bista, Jun and I spent countless nights and hours practicing the steps of the dance to the tune of this song.  Another sister, Michie Zapanta introduced us to the dance instructor or DI for short.  Bro. Chito Lara provided us the venue for our practices (Up to now, Bro. Chito claims that we still owe him for the use of the venue.  Bro, padugo mo na lang tutal di ka naman sumayaw.)

We practiced twice a week for a minimum of two hours per session for a month and a half.  Yes, that loonnggg. Our DI, Joel, can only introduce one to two steps per session as not all of us are teachable.  In my case, dancing is my waterloo.  Aside from adapting to the steps, the next problem that we faced was remembering the dance steps that were taught during the previous session.  The whole two hours or so, Chito's CD player played only Sway that made him comment that even without the CD, the player still blared the dance tune.

As D-Day was approaching, it was time to think of what to wear for the dance.  The ladies trooped to Tutuban Center to buy gowns.  It took a while to find the right gowns as most of the items for sale at the center were for ladies of svelte figures.  In short, the gowns were too small for us.  Meng and Ely were able to buy glittery, beaded gowns that both clung to their figures and emphasized their beauty.  (I am too kind. Lol.)  Ely claimed that after wearing it, the glitters of her gown can be found in most parts of her body.

In all the practices and gown-hunting, laugher was predominant.  All of us had a happy time unmindful of the late hour.  Truly, this song only brings good, happy memories.

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