Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Smart, Use the CFC MMD

If you are a chapter leader, chances are you have been busy for the last few weeks making the database of your chapter.  Chapter Leaders have to submit their rosters of members to their respective Sector Heads for offering at the 30th anniversary celebration of Couples for Christ last Sunday, June 26.  Another reason is the Center's campaign for full compliance and implementation of the Couples for Christ Members Management Database or CFC MMD. The CFC International Council (IC) envisions the CFC MMD as a tool for the mission.  It aims to lessen the time spent for administrative work so there will be more time for pastoral formation and evangelization. 

The CFC MMD is the latest buzz going around in our sector.   By going through the manual for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the scope of information that has to be encoded for each member of our chapter. If a chapter has at least 50 couples, that's 100 databases to be encoded.  From my experience, I did not find any difficulty as there is batch encoding.  The CFC MMD is so easy to navigate specially because of our familiarity of how social networks like Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, Multiply and the like work.  Now tell me, who doesn't have a Facebook account up to this time?  Even my nephew's dog has an FB account!  

To put it simply, it is like a Facebook fan page of a chapter, a cluster, sector.  It gives you a bird's eyeview of what goes on in a chapter, cluster or sector et al.  The scope of the network depends on the member's level of service.  If you are a chapter leader, you can only view the activities, reports and members' database of your chapter. A cluster leader on the other hand has access on the chapters under his cluster and so on and so forth.

Why is it a powerful tool for the mission?  The portal can generate reports at real time of the evangelization and pastoral formation initiatives of the smallest chapter.  It can keep track of all members, both active and inactive.  It is like having your CFC DNA.  Just by reading the reports, a leader can chart the course that his group will take.  Since the reports are important in decision making, encoding of data should be done responsibly by a qualified chapter servant if the chapter leader is not available to do it.

We are now ready to start.  Go to Google and type http://cfcglobaldata.com.  After clicking go, your screen will look like this:

Log-in by typing your username and password.  This will bring you to your chapter's dashboard.  At this page, you can choose the task that you want to do by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Not only data of a chapter or cluster et al can be found in the CFC MMD.  A member can also access his own page by doing the following:

Go to Google and type http://cfcglobaldata.com. Instead of logging in, click on Member's Portal.

To be able to go to your page, you have to type your member ID number and password. Don't know your member ID number?  Ask your chapter head or chapter servant for your number.  If you are a first time user, you have to provide your ID number and email address.  

Check your email for your password.  Once you have your password, click to login.

You are now in your own page.  You can choose to edit your profile, upload your profile picture, or change the system generated password to one of your own creation.

I hope this little exercise has helped you with the creation of your chapter's database.

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