Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pearl of Great Price: Celebrating 30 Years of Blessings

June is a busy, make that hectic month for Couples for Christ.  It is anniversary month.  Traditionally, the anniversary is celebrated with congresses, that big parade and celebration at Luneta and what have you.  This year, 2011 is special.  CFC is 30 years old.  To mark the 30th or Pearl Anniversary and the unity that has remained strong and steadfast, despite undergoing tough challenges, Couples for Christ has a lot of activities lined up.

The celebration officially started with a Global Community Recollection Day on June 4.  For the chapter leaders, the recollection was given a week earlier during the Chapter Leaders Training on May 28.  After a week, said recollection was cascaded to the general membership.  A week before the big celebration at Luneta, various activities will be held to be participated in by delegates from all over the world.  The climax of the anniversary celebration will be a grand parade at the Luneta in the afternoon of June 26.

To commemorate this special milestone in CFC, a song was composed  and recorded.  I have downloaded the song (with lyrics and chords) and included it in this article so you will not have a hard time searching for it.

Aside from the song, CFC is coming out with a coffee book that will include pictures of different household groups, etc.  You can have it at P500 apiece.

Commemorative t-shirts which are very cool and world class are available.  The t-shirts come in different shades of blue, depending on the ministry you represent:  royal blue (Couples for Christ and Servants of the Lord), navy blue (Singles for Christ and Youth for Christ) and aqua blue (Handmaids of the Lord and Kids for Christ).  Aside from t-shirts, there are also commemorative stickers for a very affordable price of P20 each.

Let's all be counted and join in the celebration on June 26.  See you all.

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