Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is Sharing Love

It is officially Christmas season for me with the onset of Simbang Gabi.  Though the puto bumbong and bibingka are available all year round, they seem to taste better when you eat them after attending the dawn Masses of which they become synonymous with.  As the days get nearer to Dec. 25, everyone is busy preparing for the countless Christmas Parties, Noche Buena, and gift giving.  I am no exception.  Christmas has taken a very materialistic meaning to it which veered away from the reason why we are celebrating it.  That He was sent to save mankind.  That God the Father in His deep love for us has sent His own Son to save us.

While watching the Christmas episode of Glee 3 on TV the other day, I heard the cast sing "Do You Know It's Christmas".  This song dates back to 1984 when Band Aid, a group made up of British bands, sang this to raise funds for famine-stricken Ethiopia of which more than a million died.  BBC crew referred to the famine as "the closest thing to hell on earth".  The lyrics of the song hasn't escaped me.  It sings about sharing what we have to those whose concern is when their next meal will be.  I don't think that Christmas was in the minds of the Ethiopians during the great famine of 1983-1985.

Amidst the revelry of this season, let us all reflect on the real meaning of Christmas, that is, sharing love.  Would you rather be on the receiving end of relief lines or be the giver?

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