Saturday, May 7, 2011

Keeping Your Household Members Beside You

Making members remain in a group or organization without monetary consideration is a big challenge.  This is true with Couples for Christ though am not singling it out.  A lot of organizations go through this phase.  

There are a lot of reasons why members lie low but foremost of all is that they have lost interest in the organization because it has failed to address the reason why they joined in the first place.  I will be listing down tips on how to hold on to your members.  Let me warn you though that these tips are purely my own culled from more than ten years of being a CFC and don't represent anyone's or CFC's stand.

1.  Have a trusting and sincere relationship with your member.  Trust is the core of any lasting relationship.  This is true for all kinds of relationship whether with one's spouse, friend, child or client.  If a person trusts you enough, you will know what makes him tick.  Selling something to a prospect will be a breeze as you know what to offer him.

More so in the case of the household member, he expects nothing less.  You, as household leader, will have his loyalty, love, support and this started with trust.  Isn't it that he started to divulge something of himself during the one on one session after Talk 4 of the Christian Life Program?  Though different members react differently during the one on one session, it nevertheless is a good start.  Some have a difficult time opening up.  Once the member has opened up, it is the duty of the household leader to keep everything confidential.

2.  Have a caring and nurturing attitude towards your member.  A household member attends the weekly household prayer meetings because he feels cared for by his colleagues in the household.  He feels like he is at home in the household.  Everyone accepts him for what he is and nobody judges him.  It is a place where he can be himself.  When he needs support, the household members led by the household head are there to give support and understanding.

3.  Have  fun once in a while.  I won't deny that I look forward to these gatherings.  The activity will depend on how much budget there is.  Going out of town for a day or two is the preferred activity of the majority.  Though going out of town costs more money and consumes more time, that picnic-style element of this sortie never ceases to appeal to everyone.  Still wondering why there is a higher percentage of attendees to the weekend conferences when done in Baguio than the one held at Manila?

If time and budget do not warrant an out of town getaway, there are numerous fastfoods, eateries and karaoke bars in Metro Manila you can choose from.  My personal preference is going to karaoke bars.  You just have to scour the different promos being offered by these karaoke bars to minimize on expenses.

4.  Be yourself.  Members can see through you if you are wearing a mask.

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