Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Cooking in the Household?

One of the joys in being a member of Couples for Christ is belonging to a household.  In My First Household Meeting, I went into details on what a household is.  It is in the household that one draws support, strength, love, spiritual nourishment so it is not surprising that lasting friendships are forged among the members.

Since the household meetings are held weekly with the members taking turns in being hosts, it has become an avenue to showcase the cooking prowess of the hostess.  If there is no cooking prowess to speak of (joke only) or the hosts weren't able to prepare, restaurants nearby make a killing from their orders.

It is in the household that you can eat bopis, dinuguan, pinakbet, callos, laing, Bicol express, caldereta, papaitan and other Filipino specialties that you can taste during fiestas and gatherings.  Of course, cooking laureat-style is not the norm for Couples for Christ.  Couples for Christ encourages its members to be simple, so it has to be one solid and one liquid.  But the hosts can not be faulted if they prepared something more than what is expected.  This is borne out of love for their co-members, generosity, plain Filipino hospitality and a celebration for a recent blessing.

Food galore at the Figueras' residence

Christmas Party of the Lopez' household, 2009.
When it is our turn to host the household meeting, I usually cater to what our co-members love to eat like spicy Bicol express, laing or ginataang santol.  There are times that I serve new additions to my menu, new learned recipes from friends, cookbooks or the internet, that I am confident enough to have them try.  It flatters my heart no end when I see them enjoying what I have served and having a good time just being together.

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