Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ancop Elocution Contest

A week ago, I was at Ancop Central Avenue for the judging of the winners of the elimination round of the Elocution Contest of the Ancop Learning Center (ALC).  There were three categories, namely, Nursery, Kinder and Prep.  There were no less than 6 contestants for each level.  Teacher Beng Reyes made all pupils memorize a poem and she chose contestants from those who recited better than the rest.

The contestants were dressed in their Sunday's best by their overzealous mothers.  They came with make-up for retouching the faces of their children and the ubiquitous digital camera.  For those who didn't have a digicam, they settled with the cameras of their cellphones.

Listening to the children deliver their piece, I was amazed at the transformation of these children.  From tots who couldn't tear away from their mother's hemline, all I saw was self-confidence.  A big leap indeed.  

The top winners in all levels at the elimination round were all girls.  Only one boy was able to make it at second place.  The top winners will represent the site in the sector-wide Elocution Contest on October 29, 2010.

D-day came.  The children which Sis. Meng Figueras, Sis. Joy Nolasco and myself adjudged as the best of Central Avenue trooped to Ancop-Visayas with Teacher Beng and their respective mothers.  They bested all the other contestants from the other Ancop sites in ALL levels.  Grand slam.  I was so happy when I heard of the news.  I felt as if I too won as I was instrumental in choosing these children as the best.  Congratulations to the winners and to Teacher Beng, too.

The WINNING TEAM with Teacher Beng Reyes

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