Monday, November 1, 2010

Singing for the Lord

One of the activities that my husband and I indulged in as a member of Couples for Christ was to become a member of the Music Ministry.  Membership in the Music Min is one of the services that is available for a non-leader in CFC.  One must not belittle membership in the ministry as singing is an integral part of community worship.   With music, one is able to express joy and sorrow more fervently that St. Augustine said "He who sings, prays twice."

I believe that our membership to the Music Min helped a lot in our spiritual growth.  Because we served while still mere members in the community, we became active in community life.  We seldom missed CFC gatherings and teachings.  Just like any endeavor, active participation in CFC is necessary to attain true spiritual nourishment and contentment.  

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