Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Love Fellowship

The best parts of life here in CFC are the friends that you gain and the good times that you spend with them or in short FELLOWSHIP.  I would be a hypocrite if I say I don't enjoy it.  Do you know that planning sessions, be they be sector-wide, cluster-wide or chapter-wide, are fellowships in disguise.  More time is spent for bonding but bonding only comes after the planning session.  Lol.

Every CFC member belongs to a household group.  This group will be together for at least two years.  The household meets every week.  With the frequency of meetings, it is not surprising that the members of the household become very close.  Sometimes closer than siblings.

Belting it out at Redbox-Trinoma.
Fellowship is not altogether flimsy.  In Talk 10 of the CLP, it is one of the components for spiritual growth.  We need a support group in order to grow spiritually.

Here in Couples for Christ, not only did Jun and I able to multiply our friends (you have to think twice before throwing a party much less you offend one who was inadvertently omitted from the guest list) but we were able to visit houses of our brothers and sisters and partake of their specialties.  CFC brought us also to a lot of places because of conferences, fellowship and mission work.  Who says life is boring in Couples for Christ?

Bro. Mannie and Sis. Evelyn Paguntalan, then YFC Cluster Coordinators
brought us Chacocos to Tagaytay Highlands and Calaruega (below).

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