Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have Fun With Us, Attend the CLP

In Couples for Christ we believe on the saying "The more, the merrier."  We look forward to holding a Christian Life Program or CLP as this will give us new members.  New members mean new friends.  In our twelve years with Couples for Christ, Jun & I started with a handful of friends then as the years passed, we knew almost everybody in the cluster where we belong.  It is totally inevitable because of the never-ending reorganizations caused by changes in service or grouping.

To be one of us is very easy.  All one has to do is to attend a Christian Life Program.  What is the CLP?  The CLP is the entry point of all members to Couples for Christ. It runs for 13 separate weekly sessions that lead the participants into a "renewed understanding of God's call as Christian couples".  It consists of a teaching, a group discussion and fellowship with each session lasting two and half hours.  It aims to eventually bring couples closer to God. The best part of the CLP is that it is free. 

After finishing the CLP, the couples are put into a household, a cell group of four to five couples under a head couple called the Household Leaders.  It is in the household that lasting friendships are formed and the journey to spiritual renewal starts.

Be one of us and have a fun-filled life.  Join the Christian Life Program.  Email me at cfc.westc@gmail.com for more details.


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