Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Chapter

Non-CFC members might be confused by now by the different terminologies that I have been using from older posts.  I am correcting that by writing about the servant leaders of a chapter.  I chose the chapter because it is the basic pastoral subdivision within Couples for Christ, according to CFCpedia.  It is independent and autonomous, a microcosm of Couples for Christ.  Though it has its own leadership, evangelization program and formation, it is subject to the direction of the overall leadership.

A chapter is headed by a Chapter Head. It is composed of four to seven units.  When the chapter grows by the addition of more units, it is split to form another chapter.  The units in turn are made up of four to five households, the basic cell grouping.  The Unit Head is the head of the unit.  The household is where new graduates from the Christian Life Program are grouped together under the Household Head.  

Aside from these groupings, a chapter has also chapter coordinators for the Youth for Christ and Kids for Christ family ministries.

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