Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Menu

For Catholics worldwide, Lent marks the time for repentance of sin, renewal of faith and preparation to celebrate Easter.  Fr. William Saunders of the Catholic Education Resource Center further said fasting and abstinence have been a big part of Lent since the earliest time of the Church.  Though fasting and abstinence were pretty tough during the early Christians, the observance has slowly evolved through time.  Nowadays only two days, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, are left for strict observance of fasting and abstinence.  But what is fasting?  Abstinence? 

Fasting is having one full meal a day with small snacks to keep one's strength, the full meal eaten preferably at 3 o'clock or evening.  Abstinence on the other hand is refraining from eating meat on those two days.  One can go the extra mile by "giving up" something as a sacrifice.  It could be smoking, drunkenness or any other addiction or obsession that is/are hard to give up.

For the budget-conscious housewife, here are suggestions for your Good Friday meal:  fried daing na bangus, brown rice, sauteed mung beans with smoked fish or ginisang monggo sa tinapa, for you.  The young ones will enjoy the sour and garlicky taste of marinated bangus and the healthy twist to ginisang monggo.  Down it with a lot of water every now and then to block off occasional cravings for food.

Ginisang Monggo

Daing na Bangus

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